Inspections: Our personnel is able to liaise with suppliers and sub-suppliers during all the phases of production in order to ensure that Customers receive the Products they have ordered for.
Testing and NDE: The Expertise and Certifications of our personnel (2nd level VT, PT, MT, RT according to ISO9712) are a technical support to Customers during NDE and Testing of the products they have purchased.
Expediting: Our Knowledge of the manufacturing and production processes of suppliers and sub-suppliers together with a long Experience in the Supply Chain processes and their Needs, our personnel is able to push and stimulate suppliers and sub-suppliers to improve their processes and reach the Customers' Goals in terms of Delivery Time.Document Control Support: One of the most Critical and Difficult process to manage inside a Company due to the amount of work both inside and outside the Company itself. Most of the time the Companies do not have Enough Resources to handle Efficiently the Back and Forth of the documentation for approval nor to Close the final documentation to Unlock the stage payment linked to it. Our personnel can give effective support on both phases in order to Expedite the documentation approval.