ValveVenture was created by Luciano De Natale and Vittorio Maggione in 2016 to put their knowledge, experience and professionality at the service of Oil & Gas Companies. At the service of all those Companies that need to perform inspections, expediting or, in general, to control their suppliers' performances without increasing their fixed costs engaging their personnel in activities that are considered of low added value. These activities like Inspections, Testing and NDE, Expediting, Document Control which usually are a huge cost, sometimes are performed without the required dedication and strength thus not giving the expected results, can be performed by us dedicating the required time, continuity and efforts to reach the goal. Project Management and Consultancy Services are the core of our business as both the shareholders have large experience Managing Projects or Companies, we can support small or recently created companies to develop or manage those areas of the business that they do not have experience with.